Tap to pay with Visa on your mobile.

It's easy

It's secure

Is my card number stored with my phone company?
Does my phone company or service provider know how I'm using my money?
Does my bank cover fraud, like it does with my physical cards?
Does my phone need to be unlocked?
What happens if I lose my phone?
Can someone bump against my device and steal my money?

It's convenient

What's the spend limit when I use Visa on my phone? Do I need a pin?
Does it work in a phone case?
Does it cost me anything to use Visa on my mobile?
Do I earn rewards?
How does it work with multiple cards?
What happens if I need a refund?
Can I get cash out?
Can I send other people money?

It's widely accepted

Where can I use Visa on my mobile?
Do mobile payments work overseas?

Visa on your mobile is delivering on Visa’s commitment to bring new payments innovation to New Zealand.