Kiwis want more control over their data, reveals Visa study



The majority of New Zealand consumers (73%) say they want greater control over how their data is used by companies and organisations, according to a study released by Visa today.

The Visa Consumer Empowerment Study, which surveyed 2,000 New Zealanders, found a more pronounced confidence-divide among local respondents, with 39% classified as ‘hesitant’ when it comes to data use and sharing, compared to 26% of their global counterparts.

The research also found that only 23% of New Zealand consumers say they ‘fully understand’ or ‘mostly understand’ how their data is used when conducting digital/online activities, and only 19% feel in control of their data.

Consumer sentiment also highlighted a potential gap in the data guidance that businesses provide their online users, with 80% of New Zealanders (compared with 56% globally), saying companies only sometimes, rarely, or never educate them about how data collection works and their options to control it.

In response, Visa has released its Consent Management Specification – a set of global technical guidelines that focus on creating consistent permission experiences for data-sharing requests, enabling consumers to have greater visibility into what personal data they share with companies online, and what it will be used for.

Riaz Nasrabadi, Head of Data and Risk Products, Visa Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific, says, “The research findings suggest that while concerns about data use and sharing may not be the only reason that some New Zealanders choose not to engage in the digital economy, it’s clearly a contributing factor.

At Visa, we believe that one way to help overcome these barriers and increase consumer trust with organisations that use their data, is by introducing more consistent, transparent, and intuitive permission experiences and consent models.

“Visa’s Consent Management Specifications are intended to promote a stronger, transparent data sharing ecosystem so that more New Zealanders feel empowered and in control of their data, which is important as we increasingly live more of our lives online – using digital applications in nearly all aspects of our lives, from fitness tracking to grocery shopping to financial services,” says Nasrabadi.



Visa has conducted research projects globally to measure consumers’ online activity, their awareness, and views toward being asked for and giving permission to the user of their data. The Consumer Empowerment Surveys were nationally representative and balanced for respective markets with 2000 New Zealanders surveyed. Phone and face-to-face interviews were conducted where necessary to balance connectivity.

Quotas were set for the survey to ensure those surveyed represented each market’s adult population overall regarding gender, age, race, and region. After completion, data was weighted to match targets for the adult population respectively.

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