Financial Inclusion and Literacy

Visa strives to be the best way to pay and be paid, for everyone, everywhere. To ensure that people around the world are able to benefit from this aspiration, we know that offering our products and services is only part of the job, we must also work to help people understand the benefits of modern banking systems, as well as how to manage their own financial resources.

As a result we have invested in financial literacy programs in more than 30 countries, customised in each based on the level of economic development, cultural standards, educational levels, government priorities and target audiences.

In New Zealand we’ve developed a number of tools to help promote financial literacy:

Practical Money Skills
Visa’s Practical Money Skills website is the home of financial literacy education. It is designed to help people of all ages learn the essentials of personal finance. Here, consumers, educators, parents, students and policymakers can access free educational resources, including personal finance articles, games and lesson plans. Visit

Visa’s train the trainers programme
In late 2011 Visa funded research by the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income to identify gaps in financial literacy education in New Zealand. The research found tutors providing financial education tended to be adult educators without specific expertise in financial literacy. Less than half (47 per cent) of financial literacy tutors had received training or professional development, and what they had received was not exclusively linked to financial literacy.

 In response, Visa, the Commission and Whitireia Polytechnic partnered in a pilot programme to teach financial education skills to Whitireia tutors. Watch the video to find out more.

Avengers Saving the Day
Visa and Marvel Comics have teamed up to create an action-packed comic book Avengers: Saving the Day. This unique partnership takes readers on an adventure with their favourite Marvel superheroes who not only fight crime, but also tackle everyday issues in financial management.

Financial Football
Visa and FIFA have partnered to promote financial literacy through Financial Football, a fast-paced, multiple-choice question game, testing players' knowledge of financial management skills as they advance down field, and try to score goals.

Money Week
Visa is a proud supporter of Money Week in New Zealand. Check out the website and take a financial health check to make sure your finances are in order.